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dbWatch Control Center FAQ


dbWatch Control Center is the newest database farm monitoring and management solution that allows you to monitor and manage your databases, streamline your workflow, generate and create your custom reports within a single solution.


Yes, we offer FREE trial for 30 days up to 25 instances. You can get your free version by clicking this link.

Control Center supports all four major database platforms – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres. We will be expanding the list of database platforms in the future.

Control Center needs to be installed on windows. But for future releases, Linux support will be available in 2022.

dbWatch Control Center is our newest database farm monitoring and management solution that gives you FULL control over your database farm.


Unique features of Control Center:

Farm Management, Web Dashboards, One-click update and completely New UI. ​

Learn more ->  https://info.dbwatch.com/control-center

No, it will not. Enterprise Manager and Control Center are different products. Your Enterprise Manager will still work even after installing Control Center. 

Yes, we do. You can check it out our Wiki pages, technical document & product sheets


Farm Monitoring and Management lets you view all or any part of your database server farm, giving you the big picture. By analyzing the farm status, health, performance or resource usage, you can locate the instances that are in most need of attention or work.

You can then drill further down into the instances that you want to analyze further, or that require your attention. In this way you get a natural workflow where you start with the big picture and drill down to the specific instances. By always starting with the farm overview, you ensure that you at all times prioritize the most urgent or needed issues first.


How do you generate reports?

The reporting module includes a report wizard that will let you quickly create the reports you need. Select the instance, or group of instances you want to report on, the type and content of the report and whether to run immediate or schedule for regular runs and automatic distribution to recipients.


For the management aspect, is there a waiting period for the alterations to take place?

No. Changes done via Control Center application will reflect in your database servers in real time. But you can schedule jobs to run at a specified time or regular intervals.


You can watch an in-depth explanation on Farm Management in this link.

Download the evaluation version of dbWatch Control Center to monitor all your instances, experience full insight and control over your database farm.



Get my free Control Center evaluation now:

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