Complete SQL Server Management

dbWatch is the complete solution for managing and monitoring Microsoft SQL servers. Automate and simplify routine administration and maintenance tasks, monitor system status, server performance and resource utilization.

  • Manage hundreds of instances per DBA. Fast, simple and efficient user interface for managing all your SQL servers. 
  • Database monitoring and performance management on all servers, pinpoint bottlenecks and predict problems before they become incidents
  • Go from incident-driven to pro-active operations. Experience dramatic reduction in fires and incidents.
  • Automate repetitive monitoring and maintenance tasks, freeing up your time for more complex work
  • Full inventory of all your servers, licenses, storage and resource usage. Detailed health checks or consolidated server group reporting
  • Cut and control cost with tools for server consolidation and license optimization
  • Scale out. Manage thousands of instances in a single integrated solution

SQLServer performance overview

This is a highly scalable solution, helping enterprises monitor and manage from ten to thousands of instances efficiently.

dbWatch is a complete cross-platform solution for database management that supports all versions of MS SQL Server from 2000 through 2016, AlwaysOn availability groups,  Azure SQL, as well as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase. See the full product specifications here.

  • Customize any procedure, task or report to suit your needs. Command-line interface and source included
  • Secure administration. dbWatch support role-based access, certificates, encryption and Kerberos as standard.
  • dbWatch includes more than 60 tasks, checks and reports  as standard.
  • Fast, low-risk deployment and minimal resource requirements.
  • Supports physical, virtual, AWS or Azure SQL instances

Learn more about pro-active database operations:

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